Leadership from Drip Capital Speaks On Cross-Border Expansion of SMBs by leveraging finance and trade facilitation


Pushkar Mukewar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Drip Capital. At Drip, he is responsible for defining the strategic direction and managing product, business development and operations of the company. In his 13 years’ career, he has worked across various geographies and has an in-depth understanding of the global financial services industry. Pushkar realized the huge potential of addressing the working capital gap for SMBs in emerging economies like India by using technology. With over 20 years of experience, Head of Technology of Drip Capital Anil Gopinath in the past has worked at early-stage companies as part of their founding team, along with mid-sized startups and large companies including Yahoo and Amazon Web Services.

In an exclusive conversation with VC World, which the venture capital community of BW Businessworld, the leading duo discusses ways to facilitate finance for SMBs of emerging markets, their expansion plans in international jurisdictions, latest technology integrations in cross-border trade among other issues governing the SMBs of India.

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