Mumbai Angels Network Launches Multiplier


Start-up founders often face challenges in focusing on their core product/service, due to other aspects of the business that are equally important to ensure smooth, efficient operations. To address this, Mumbai Angels Network, a premium start-up investment platform for early-stage venture investments, has launched Multiplier. 

A one-of-its-kind specialized marketplace exclusive to its 170+ portfolio companies, Multiplier will bring a hoard of services such as bookkeeping, cloud storage, marketing solutions, etc., under a single umbrella. To enable this, Mumbai Angels Network, one of the first players in the industry to launch this, is collaborating with 17 high-performing and reliable service providers who will offer these services to its portfolio companies at a special discount.

Acting as a one-stop-shop, Multiplier will offer diverse solutions including Cloud Services, GRM Services, Accounting Services, Payment Gateways, HR Services, Legal Advisory, incubation, Due Diligence, Global Expansion, IB Services, Debt Financing, Marketing Services, Invoice Financing, and Management Consultancy. The start-up investment platform will partner with a myriad of eminent service providers such as Freshworks, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Maps, Cashfree, Castler, Rentsher, Knocksense, Rizort, London & Partners, Stan, ZingHR, Searce (Google Cloud), EnableCap, and FlexingIt to facilitate the aforementioned services.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Ms. Nandini Mansinghka, Co-Founder & CEO- Mumbai Angels Network said, “When a business is commenced, there are several other aspects aside from the core product/service that the founder needs to focus on. While juggling between all the functions, they often face challenges in efficient management due to divided attention between their primary product/service and other elements. With Multiplier, we aim to offer unrelenting support at specially discounted prices through our partner service providers whom we have carefully chosen, enabling founders to focus solely on innovation and scaling the business. Multiplier is an all-encompassing solution that will further drive the rapid growth of our portfolio companies.”

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