IvyCap Venture Advisors hosts virtual Annual Day on 17th and 18th September


IvyCap Venture Advisors commemorates its Annual Event which is being held virtually on 17th and 18th of September 2021. The event, which is not just a celebration but a melange of ideas, is hosting speakers from an extensive range of sectors which includes eCommerce, fashion, edtech, cyber security, fintech, artificial intelligence, as well as stakeholders from the government, management consultants and policy advisors.

The sessions to be hosted on the 17th of September include, how AI is transforming healthtech, the roadmap ahead for D2C brands, winning in international markets, building scale in under-served markers, the edtech wave and building deeptech companies in the growing technology industry of India.

Some of the notable speakers who will be joining this session are G.K. Pilla from Ivy Ventures, Neeraj Agarwal from Boston Consulting Group, Niranjan Ramakrishnan from Leixir, Bhuvan Rastogi from Lendbox, Pratyush Halen from Fingpay, Bhaskar Deo from Trillbit, Gaurav Perti from Purple Tutor amongst others.

On the second day of the Annual event, Ivy Venture will be covering sessions on mega trends in the decade in Indian VC Ecosystem, re-imagining the future through responsible investments, building hyper-growth companies and many more.

The second day will be joined by Prof. Ashok Misra from IIT Bombay, Sharen Jester Turney former employee of Victoria’s Secret, Ravi Dhariwal former employee of Benett Coleman, Nishith Desai from Nishith Desai Associates amongst others.

The closing note will also be followed by an entertainment session by Amit Tandon.

Click on the link to watch the IvyCap Day Sessions Live on VC World.

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