Fintech Enabler Neokred Extends Its Seed Round, Total Funding In The Company Crosses $1.2 M


Neokred, an Open Banking Stack which offers curated versions of issuance in the payment ecosystem has extended its seed round to raise an additional $500k in funding. The funding round was supported by Virenxia Group, Rajesh Jain & Nitin Agarwal. CapNetic Consulting Group was the sole financial advisor for the round.

Neokred is a Fintech infrastructure company that empowers corporates, fintechs and start-ups to pioneer their own banking services with the help of modified tools. Aiming to democratize banking infrastructure by lubricating its interior processes, Neokred, with its technological propensity bridges companies and employees through its new-age API banking account offerings. The Bengaluru-based startup, co-founded by Tarun Nazare and Rohith Reji in 2019, has issued close to 2 lakh cards since December 2020.

Neokred intends to use the new funding to grow its workforce, accelerate the development of its technology and data platform, and broaden its product offerings to cater to the needs of both prepaid and credit card consumers. NeoKred wants to become the key infrastructure provider to enable any company to provide open banking services and they expect this fund raise to help them do that.

Speaking on this development, Rohith Reji, Co- founder and CBO of Neokred says, “Indian banking landscape tells us that accessibility to financial services is still a lot to be caught up with. This extension of capital brings us a little closer to fulfilling that vision for corporates and customers. 

We are thrilled that our vision of truly “Democratizing Open Banking” has been validated and this pushes further to innovate and bring more products for banks to collaborate closely with SME’s, brands, fintechs, etc.”

Rajesh Jain, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Veeraa Ventures & IndiaShoppe says,”The way financial services are available and accessed in India is changing dramatically. The reason I’m thrilled about Neokred is that it has the potential to drastically alter people’s perceptions of banking services. Neokred has an amazing tech stack and a talented management team that will enable the continual delivery of banking innovations to customers.”

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