Rank Watch Acquires US-Based Microsite Masters


The globally renowned cloud-centric SEO management platform Rank Watch adds another feather to its cap by acquiring US-based company Microsite Masters in June 2021. The upgraded software retains the same name “Rank Watch” which will be the blend of Rank Watch and Microsite Master combined expertise. It is a cloud-based internet marketing platform with inbuilt artificial intelligence to provide 360-degree insights into digital marketing campaigns.

Rank Watch is an SEO management solution provider that has been instrumental in offering advanced Analytics, Backlink Watch, SERP Archive, Competitor Watch and Rank Analysis to their customers through their marketing software.

To take the software a notch up, Rank Watch acquired Microsite Masters, a US-based company. Microsite Masters founded by UK-based Alex Cardinell is an SEO toolset that helps track ROI, performance and campaign data in a single interface leveraging artificial intelligence. This daily based rank tracker is a solution for any thriving agency’s complete SEO needs. The acquisition of Microsite Masters, applauded as one of the industry’s accurate rank trackers, will definitely help Rank Watch increase its client base in the US market. Through this acquisition, Rank Watch also gets hold of a good set of industry-specific data garnered by MSM to enhance their product.

Speaking to the correspondents,  Sahil Kakkar – CEO/ Founder of Rank Watch, said, “We have always aimed at providing optimum yet easy SEO solutions to our clients through our easy-to-use software. Through Rank Watch, we’ve revolutionized the entire process, from measuring to analyzing and other important metrics. Now, through this acquisition, we have taken things a notch up to provide more premium solutions to our clients with the help of artificial intelligence. We believe that this acquisition will lead to enhanced credibility with a promising future for our organization. Rank Watch aims to revolutionize the marketing industry in a whole new dimension.”

Rank Watch INC has been instrumental in providing successful digital marketing solutions to businesses for the past eight years with its SEO and marketing solutions to big industry wigs like Amazon, Naukri and Book My Show in prominence. Their upgraded product is said to have an enhanced user experience with a myriad of additional features to the current software through this launch.

The most important feature added to the existing software is the AI-based inferences, improvised to guide the users on what exactly needs to be done to enhance their presence on the search engines.

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