Zscaler Acquires Start-up Smokescreen Technologies


Mumbai-based cybersecurity start-up, Smokescreen Technologies, has been acquired by Zscaler, a US-based cloud-security company. The size of the deal is yet to be declared and is expected to close by July 2021. This comes as a major vote of confidence for the Indian cybersecurity domain which is working on technological advancements for the past few years. This is the first time Smokescreen is raising external funding. This is the first time an Indian cybersecurity startup has been at the forefront of creating an entrepreneurial platform around cybersecurity.

Smokescreen Technologies was founded in 2015 by Raviraj Doshi and Sahir Hidyatullah, who were cybercrime investigators themselves before turning to entrepreneurship. Smokescreen works on the premise of defense and deception to counter cyber-attacks, which will be integrated into the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. This would help the company augment its capabilities in detecting attacks, ransomware, and lateral movement attempts. Additionally, Smokescreen will help provide threat intelligence to the Zscaler team, so as to proactively spot adversaries.

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